13th Documentary (2016)

The title of this documentary refers to the 13th Amendment from the United States Constitution. This documentary made me feel so sick to my stomach, and it moved me to tears. Especially seeing the scene when Donald Trump was saying those hurtful words along with the video of a black individual being pushed around from the past to present time. Also, the scenes towards the ending where people were getting killed by the police. The lack of humanity is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen.

This documentary reminded me of the quote that “Racism is something you learn NOT something you’re born with.” Children will play with anyone, until parents tell them not to. The generational trauma is so sickening. This documentary made me so angry and sad. Systematic racism was already implemented. This leads to discrimination in housing, healthcare, criminal justice, and more. I find it to be shocking that the government created this narrative about the civil rights movement somehow contributing to the drug and crime problem. This is a fallacy and a monstrous inhumane system. Overall, I believe that this is a great documentary and that it is a real eye opener of the atrocities of the prison industrial complex. #BLACKLIVESMATTER🖤

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