Blade Runner (1982)

2 min readDec 9, 2020

I would like to start off by saying that I apologize to anyone that loves this film…but I want to be honest, I thought this film was terrible. I will probably be in the unpopular opinion category. I don’t want to sugarcoat it, but rather get straight to the point. Not only was I confused but I was very bored as well. The pacing was god awful. I am very surprised people really think this movie was a masterpiece. Do people think so highly of this movie because of the visuals during the time in the 80’s? Was it something people really haven’t seen before because it was ahead of its time? I don’t know, but whatever the reasons are. I disagree.

The acting was totally lacking including Ford’s. I understand that replicants had to give off that robotic serious look with no emotion; however, I believe they could have done so much better. Perhaps they should’ve added more action scenes to make it more tolerable. I mean, even the action scenes were not well-executed and it looked too forced and the punches seemed off in my opinion. The plot itself was dragging and I was not engaged at all. I was actually checking the time to see when the film was over. I am not that into sci-fi, but I have seen better material. There is a show called Altered Carbon. The visuals were stunning; however, the writing was lousy and boresome but better than Blade Runner. The show even got cancelled after the second season.

I believe the main reason this movie became overrated was the creation of the dystopian futuristic setting. The pretty visuals captured the audience’s eyes during the time in the 80’s when the cyberpunk movement skyrocketed. This was the time when the science fiction genre emerged. The audience thought that the Dystopian setting was amazing, but adding in a few pretty visuals of some spaceships flying around with colorful lights and a lot of pollution and rain really did not do it for me. I actually think Steven Spielberg is the real genius behind the thrillers. Spielberg’s films became a huge deal in the 90’s with his technological innovations. Of course, there was other people involved to make it happen, but he was the one to put it all together. From Jurassic Park to Jaws to E.T. I believe that is when the new era of cinema really started in my opinion. Overall, I did not enjoy Blade Runner, but the cinematography was cool.