Coded Bias (2020)

I really enjoyed this documentary! I actually did a project last semester in my Applied Digital Studies 395 class about facial recognition racial bias. I was already pretty familiar with this issue and recognized some faces in the documentary. This documentary seeks to inform individuals of the racial discrimination in face recognition technology. Facial recognition technology is deeply affected by racial disparities and further afflicts historically disadvantaged racial groups such as black people or African Americans. This subject can have a big impact on minorities especially black individuals who are becoming computer scientists and work with artificial intelligence (AI) services. They could uncover large racial and gender biases.

This documentary explains the awareness required for individuals in law enforcement who are identifying African Americans through the government-established facial recognition databases or galleries. Every year, law enforcement agencies consistently use biometric technology to identify criminals by photos, fingerprints, voices, palms, and irises. Due to privacy concerns, in several US cities, facial recognition technology was banned by the use of law enforcement. The government databases use facial recognition software and are reported to have technical inaccuracies with high error rates. This provides evidence that the system is biased against people of color.

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