Do Something On The Web About The Web

1 min readDec 4, 2020

For the final project I decided to create a WIX website about myself! I had so much fun choosing between templates and designing the website! I intended to create this website as my ePortfolio. An ePorfolio are personal websites that showcase your skills, experiences, and learning. ePortfolios can have various documents such as your academic achievements, your resume, or anything that you are passionate about. The ePortfolio can include pictures, videos, presentations, lab reports, and more. An ePortfolio is great for job interviews or graduate school applications.

I decided to use this awesome looking template by Jake Johnson!

Documenting the process of trying to edit the website by placing different photos and trying to figure out what will look best.

I finally finished! I decided to go really creative with mine and make it a pink and green floral theme because I am super girly. I decided to have fun with it instead of making it super boring and dull looking. If you are ever actually going to plan on making an ePortfolio…probably make it very professional looking lol.