The Deep and Dark Web

2 min readNov 22, 2020

When I was reading the article that was written by Daniel Miessler I already had a solid idea what the difference was between the common internet and the dark web. However, I realized that I did not know much about the deep web and the difference between the deep web and the dark web. I always hear about the horrifying stories about the dark web. I actually thought the deep web was the same thing as the dark web. I guess because people confuse the the terms “deep” and “dark” as the same thing but really there is a difference. I never really thought there was something in the middle. I always thought there was the normal internet and then the malicious internet, but not so much in-between. But after reading these few articles it is confirmed that the internet consists of three parts: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web.

The term “deep web” just sounds so malicious to me! I now have a better understanding between the difference of the deep web and the dark web. An example of the deep web would be the library databases. Such as the UMW library database! The UMW library database is only meant for the students of the University of Mary Washington. The students have to login with their username and password to access the reliable scholarly articles and journals. This is a fantastic resource as it can find sources that google is unable to find. Google is not enough for these purposes and is only able to search a tiny fraction of what is out there on the internet. The surface web is the free and easily accessible portion of the internet. Databases and academic journals are usually hard to get by because of paywalls. The UMW library goes past the paywall and into the databases for reliable scholarly sources.

The surface web and dark web is easy to differentiate. I honestly am very surprised I don’t read a lot about how dangerous the dark web is. I will never visit the dark web. I don’t understand how people visit those websites even for fun. Obviously, the surface internet can be somewhat dangerous; however, it cannot even compare to the dark web!