The Social Network

In my opinion, I believe the movie “The Social Network” was kind of mediocre. I believe that the storytelling was good but the first half kinda dragged out and was a little boring. I liked the second half of the movie better. The Winklevoss brothers suing Zuckerberg was dramatized in my opinion. Also, Divya Narendra overreacting to Zuckerberg’s creation of facebook. I understood some of the reasons why they were becoming involved in defeating Zuckerberg. For example, Zuckerberg was not responding to emails, texts, and not showing up to the meetings. Then, all of a sudden he came up with an idea similar to HarvardConnection. I felt like Zuckerberg got the idea of creating facebook from just seeing the twins and co-founder Divya Narendra create HarvardConnection and sort of used their ideas and built off of that; however, he wasn’t even communicating with them and did not steal a single line of code.

I did not like Zuckerberg’s behavior throughout the movie. He acts like a little child having a temper tantrum. Overall, Zuckerberg is selfish and did not have any regard for Eduardo’s feelings and contribution for facebook. I felt sympathy and respect for Eduardo and all that he has done. When he said “You better lawyer up, I’m coming back for everything!” I wanted Eduardo to get justice. I was rooting for him. He even made Sean look like punk. That was satisfying to watch.

Sean Parker is definitely on my list of characters I did not like in this movie. When he said “It won’t be like you’re not a part of facebook, you’re NOT a part of facebook.” I got so angry at him. How could he just kick him out like that? I think he’s such a jerk. I was glad he got in trouble.

Overall, the movie is not going to be added to my favorites list. Though, the editing and acting was awesome! I did not like Mark Zuckerberg’s personality. Also, I felt the same way when Eduardo felt uneasy meeting Sean for the first time. I believe Eduardo is my favorite character!



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